Hello and a hearty welcome from BDTC HQ, where we are all still reeling from the end of our latest tour of Macbeth. We would like to thank all those who came along to see a show, we’ve had some cracking feedback from all over the North West which we’ll get around to posting up online soon and we have loved every minute of it! We are so happy to have stretched our legs for the first time and to spread out a little over our beloved chunk of Britain, we can't wait to get around to it again. 

Having now cooled our boots and tidied everything away (including having to explain 14 blood soaked barrels to some suspicious draymen), we can take a little time to reflect on the past half-year.

Overall the tour was a red-hot success. Put together at lightning speed and shoved into whatever vehicle we could find, using a bare minimum of everything, light, sound, people, forewarning... With little knowledge or experience in how to tour really, just a lot of enthusiasm and some wonderful friends to help us out. The project could have easily derailed, but thanks to our wonderful tour managers, Anna Rowland and Kirsty Barnes, we managed to pull the whole thing off.

We travelled to new towns, met new people, played in brand new spaces and spread some serious BDTC love. We remembered our manners and mopped up all the blood off the floor on our way and we like to think that many of the venues will be on our hit list again. We had a brilliant, brilliant time.

One of the things we loved was the sheer range of spaces we found ourselves in. From grand old theatres with vast stages and huge amounts of history, right through to village halls in the far reaches of Lancashire and right back to inner city art-venues. We learnt a great deal on how to adjust and adapt to different spaces, we learnt how to be efficient and careful and then how to bring the show alive in very different ways. We’re so grateful for all this experience and we can’t wait to bring this into our future work.

We are cracking straight on with our plans for the next year or so, beginning with a series of open readings for a small selection of plays, please feel free to come along to our session reading of 'Titus Andronicus' on Sunday 4th August, 1pm at the Park Hotel in Lancaster. Come sink your teeth into some verse, ask questions and discuss one of Shakespeare's more ellusive texts. We look forward to seeing you there!



p.s, have some snaps. Not many really, we promise to get better at documenting our activities.

  The giant stage of Lytham!

The offical box office of our Manchester art cafe show.


Some beautiful scenery on our beautiful North West tour.

The only evidence we played the Continental at Preston.

Serious marketing.

Cast, exhausted.


Sarah loving the Shakespeare.