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BDTC. are a bright young fringe theatre company specialising in red hot classical theatre & White Knuckle Shakespeare. Based in Lancaster, we make theatre bursting with ideas.


As You Like It is now over! We would like to thank everyone who helped to make it such a success; our wonderful cast, fantastic audience and everyone who helped us to forage for foliage!

It’s summer time in the forest, and absolutely everything is kicking off.

The Duke is banished, and he’s on the run – but he’s found a bunch of deer, a knackered ukulele, the grumpiest man in the world and he’s gone native.

His daughter is stuck in the city and she’s bored out of her mind – until she gets terribly excited at a sweaty wrestling match, and immediately gets banished to the forest with her best mate, a jester and an irresistible urge to dress as a man.

Things don’t look good.

But the sun is out, someone’s carved love songs on all the trees, and hormones are running wild.

Welcome to the forest of Arden.


After our six month hiatus to find ourselves, move houses, sword fight in castles & in some cases tour the nation as part of an all female theatre company performing the first known work by a female writer in English, BDTC. are delighted to announce that we're back on the horse as part of the Lancaster Season of Shakespeare. 



BDTC. have just finished performing Macbeth all over the north west - in theatres, town halls, pubs, cafes and on our home turf in Lancaster Brewery.

Thank you to everyone who came to see a show, supported the BDTC team and generally helped the tour to be massive, flaming success. Keep your eyes peeled for future plans.


White Knuckle Shakespeare is the core of the Bingo Dragon ethos - it is, if you like, our manifesto. We believe passionately that Shakespeare is ours, it's yours and it belongs onstage, being spoken and being heard. Shakespeare is alive, energetic and exciting, and the heightened language married to the BDTC. theatricality makes for an arresting theatrical experience.

For this reason, you will never find a synopsis in a BDTC. programme. We believe that spoken Shakespearean language is more than capable of conveying the story. We have faith that you, our audience, will find a clear path into the play through that language and our performances. By discovering Shakespeare this way, each performance becomes personal to those who experience it.

We don't think Shakespeare is scary, and we don't think you should either. We're confident that if you come to one of our shows, you'll agree with us and you will leave excited, envigorated and hungry for more.

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