Macbeth Wrap Up.

August 1, 2013

Hello and a hearty welcome from BDTC HQ, where we are all still reeling from the end of our latest tour of Macbeth. We would like to thank all those who came along to see a show, we’ve had some cracking feedback from all over the North West which we’ll get around to posting up online soon and we have loved every minute of it! We are so happy to have stretched our legs for the first time and to spread out a little over our beloved chunk of Britain, we can't wait to get around to it again. 

Having now cooled our boots and tidied everything away (including having to explain 14 blood soaked barrels to some suspicious draymen), we can take a little time to reflect on the past half-year.

Overall the tour was a red-hot success. Put together at lightning speed and shoved into whatever vehicle we could find, using a bare minimum of everything, light, sound, people, forewarning... With little knowledge or experience in how to tour really, just a lot of enthusiasm and some wonderful friends to help us out. The project could have easily derailed, but thanks to our wonderful tour managers, Anna Rowland and Kirsty Barnes, we managed to pull the whole thing off.

We travelled to new towns, met new people, played in brand new spaces and spread some serious BDTC love. We remembered our manners and mopped up all the blood off the floor on our way and we like to think that many of the venues will be on our hit list again. We had a brilliant, brilliant time.

One of the things we loved was the sheer range of spaces we found ourselves in. From grand old theatres with vast stages and huge amounts of history, right through to village halls in the far reaches of Lancashire and right back to inner city art-venues. We learnt a great deal on how to adjust and adapt to different spaces, we learnt how to be efficient and careful and then how to bring the show alive in very different ways. We’re so grateful for all this experience and we can’t wait to bring this into our future work.

We are cracking straight on with our plans for the next year or so, beginning with a series of open readings for a small selection of plays, please feel free to come along to our session reading of 'Titus Andronicus' on Sunday 4th August, 1pm at the Park Hotel in Lancaster. Come sink your teeth into some verse, ask questions and discuss one of Shakespeare's more ellusive texts. We look forward to seeing you there!



p.s, have some snaps. Not many really, we promise to get better at documenting our activities.

  The giant stage of Lytham!

The offical box office of our Manchester art cafe show.


Some beautiful scenery on our beautiful North West tour.

The only evidence we played the Continental at Preston.

Serious marketing.

Cast, exhausted.


Sarah loving the Shakespeare.


MACBETH- A long overdue update.

July 9, 2013

Hello, Sammi from BDTC. here. This is my first ever update here on the BDTC. blog. This is mostly down to a lack of sufficient attention span and the fact that I sometimes forget about the internet when it comes to BDTC.

For me it all falls into place when in a rehearsal room or performance space, to try and put all the fun and all my thoughts into sensible order and then to post it online seems a little tricky.

But here we are, Internet, you and me. And Macbeth of course, don’t forge...

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Much Ado & What Comes Next

August 8, 2012
So, that was Much Ado About Nothing...

Without a doubt, our most successful show to date. We had a great time, our audiences enjoyed themselves, and we managed to sell all of our tickets too. Bonanza! We've even got a rather flashy DVD of this one, filmed and produced by the brilliant Charlotte Forsdick (@cforsdick on twitter), and we'll be making that available to our more maniac fans in the next couple of weeks.

So, what's next for BDTC? Well, as always, big plans. We're beginning to look int...
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We Ask You: BDTC. Programmes

June 21, 2012
Currently BDTC. are in the middle of putting together the final phase marketing material for Much Ado About Nothing. Mostly, this involves writing on pictures of people cuddling / slapping each other in the face with cake from Tesco (BDTC. photoshoots are always good fun). It also means writing marketing blurbs & building a programme.

I love a programme. I think most theatregoers do. As a teenager, I collected dozens of RSC programmes & I have some very fond memories of sitting in a flatmate's...
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May 24, 2012
It's an anniversary year!

This explains a great deal. Open Stages, which BDTC were lucky enough to be a part of. The World Shakespeare Festival. All sorts of WS based merry-making. I couldn't tell you which anniversary, but I imagine it's some sort of multi-centenary. Four hundred? Does that sound about right?

This year, for a variety of reasons, I've found myself thinking a great deal about Shakespeare. About drama in general, about voice, about verse & speech, but mostly about Shakespeare. I'...
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February 22, 2012
The BDTC team would like to thank all who came to see Merchant of Venice.
Again, it was a success and as such we will be rolling out the next production.

Much Ado About Nothing, which will be taking place in July.

As usual BDTC are keen on finding and introducing new performers, even those without experience in working with Shakespeare.
So if you think you'd like a crack at the whip then do come down to our open audition day.

It's being held on Sunday the 11th of March and will be at the The Du...
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November 5, 2011
Firstly, thank you to everyone involved with Richard III and to all the lovely people who came to see it in action and made it so successful.
It's taken us a little while to recover ourselves and finally get rid of the huge hospital gurney, but we are surfacing once more.

We've taken some time to deliberate over our next production and we're now ready to announce that we'll be performing 'The Merchant of Venice', in February with the Dukes DT3 venue.

Now here's your chance to get involved in ...
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The Week of the King

September 16, 2011
I'm in a dressing gown, I'm half awake, & I'm listening to some David Bowie to get myself in the mood.

Tonight's the night.

RICHARD III is finally here, after weeks & weeks of blistering hard work. Richard & Clarence are currently sitting on my sofa, arguing about Chinese food & fruit loaf. Anne has popped to the shop for said fruit loaf. Buckingham, who originally demanded the fruit loaf, is upstairs performing last minute beard maintenance. Across Lancaster, the rest of the cast are assemblin...
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Tickets are GO!

August 19, 2011
As of right now, Richard III tickets are available from the Dukes' box office. So now, that day in September which you've kept resolutely free can finally be filled in.
So, here's how to get them. You can phone the Dukes on 01524 598 500. You can email the Dukes, at You should also be able to order them direct from the website, here. So there you are - time's a-wasting.

Finally, a spot of mildly undignified begging. Richard III is going to be a stonking show. It's h...
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Iain Black: Richard

August 16, 2011
Three times a week, a disparate bunch of young folk bring themselves together in a large, stiflingly hot room above a pub and muck around with one of Shakespeare’s best. I say muck around, it’s more like furnishing 16th century language with strawberries, balloons and, wherever possible, death.  This is Richard III – Bingo Dragon style.

This is the first of hopefully dozens of blogs by various cast members, declaiming in frightening detail our rehearsal process.  Our production is just u...
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