It’s summer time in the forest, and absolutely everything is kicking off.

The Duke is banished, and he’s on the run – but he’s found a bunch of deer, a broken ukulele, the grumpiest man in the world and he’s gone native.

His daughter is stuck in the city and she’s bored out of her mind – until she gets terribly excited at a sweaty wrestling match, and immediately gets banished to the forest with her best mate, a jester and an irresistible urge to dress as a man.

Things don’t look good.

But the sun is out, someone’s carved love songs on all the trees, and hormones are running wild.

Welcome to the forest of Arden.

As You Like It.

As You Like It was Bingo Dragon’s first play set in a forest and thus the first time we have had to transport a car full of trees and ivy around the North West of England. The set looked magical; combining the greenery with live music, a talented cast and a story of love and intrigue led to a fantastic show.

Rosalind – Sara Eve

Orlando de Boys – Connor Simkins

Duke Frederick/Duke Senior/Sir Oliver Martext/Corin - Paul Sellwood

Celia – Rachael Hunt

Touchstone – Helen Katamba

Adam/Audrey – Steve Longstaffe

Oliver de Boys/Amiens - Christian Powlesland

Jaques/Charles the wrestler - Jason Robinson

Phoebe/William/Lord – Ruth Gregson

Silvius/Le Beau/Lord – Alex McCaragher

Director - Sammi Searle

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