'Something wicked this way comes...'

Scotland is drenched in blood and wracked by war. Amidst the carnage, a hero emerges – Macbeth, a soldier and saviour for his people.

With the gratitude of the King and the nation, the world is at his feet.
But throw into that mix a few supernatural predictions of greatness, some very strange creatures and an overly ambitious wife and who knows what could happen…

Join Bingo Dragon Theatre Co. as they perform Shakespeare’s bloody tale of madness, slaughter and horror.

BDTC. is in its second year of existence. MACBETH was their first tour. Performed in intimate spaces all over the North West - in theatres, town halls, pubs, cafes and on their home turf in Lancaster. Thunderous drumming, gallons of blood, the papable smell of fear and hair-raising performances falling straight into your lap.

‘ We are yet but young in deed '


"Intelligent, powerfully dark performance of the bloody drama."
- Lancashire Evening News

"Suggestive and intelligent...there’s certainly no shortage of talent in the Lancaster area.  I’m looking forward to their next production." - Virtual Lancaster

The Company

Weird Sister/Malcolm/Murderer- Sarah Eve                Director- Sammi Searle
Macduff/ Murderer- David Findlay                              Tour Manager- Anna Tunnard
Duncan/Weird Sister/Ross- Ruth Gregson                   Tour Manager- Kirsty Barnes
Weird Sister/Lennox/Lady Macduff- Rachael Hunt

Banquo/Doctor- Helen Katambe

Macduff/Murderer- Jamie Laird

Captain/Porter/Seyton- Jez Mort

Macbeth- Paul Sellwood

Lady Macbeth/Young Siward- Anna Tunnard

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