Claudio loves Hero.
Hero loves Claudio.

Beatrice hates Benedick.
Benedick hates Beatrice.

Don John hates everyone.

Of course, it’s all a bit more complicated than that. There’s a barbecue and tequila and Twister and a paddling pool. There’s a wedding and policemen and adultery and a terrible misunderstanding. It all ends with death, despair, disgrace and discord.


Bingo Dragon Theatre Co. welcomes you to sun-drenched Messina for their third production, Much Ado About Nothing. Escape the rainy British summer for a few hours and join us for one of Shakespeare’s most wonderful comedies.

Much Ado About Nothing.

Much Ado About Nothing was BDTC’s first sell-out production and their most ambitious in terms of scale and depth.

Focussing on the taut, complicated (and often saucy) relationships between some of Shakespeare’s most witty and vivacious characters, this was a play about exploring love, fun, betrayal and friendship.

For the first time each cast member also worked as musicians, making up a full thirteen piece band used to create a lush, warm atmosphere, something the company has taken forward into all it’s future productions. This was BDTC’s party-play. 

Claudio/Sexton - Iain Black 

Dogberry/Ursula - Aliki Chapple

Leonato/Watch - David Findlay

Margaret - Amie Godward

Conrade - Tim Mackworth-Praed

Don John/Watch - Matt Saint

Don Pedro/Watch - James Ward

Borachio/Friar Francis - Rob Cattell

Verges/Messenger - Toby Cordwell

Hero - Rachael Hunt

Antonio - Ruth Gregson

Beatrice - Katherine Meyrick

Benedick - Paul Sellwood

Directed by Sammi Searle

Musical Director - Ben Bibby

Much Ado About Nothing photographs by John Shepherd.

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