Richard of Gloucester has killed the King, he's killed the King's son, and he isn't close to being finished.

Born ugly and born angry, Richard is getting even.

His brother has the throne, so soon he's going to be dead.

His nephews are next in line, and soon they're going to be dead too. 

And his other brother, while he's at it. 

And his wife. 

And most of the nobility of England, actually. 

Richard is killing everyone in his way (and quite a few people who aren't). 

Who would have thought it would be this much fun?

Richard of Gloucester is one of the most charismatic villains in literature. He’s a loveable rogue, a vaudevillian showman, and an utterly remorseless monster. Bingo Dragon Theatre Co., in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages programme, are bringing him to Lancaster in an exuberant new production, packed with wit, bursting with energy, and stuffed to the gills with strawberries.

A show for the flamboyant, cackling gremlin in all of us.

Come and meet the nastiest man in England.

RICHARD III was the real birth of BDTC, and the starting point for many of the ideas and beliefs which have shaped us as a group. Built around Iain Black's "superb, faultless performance" (Lancaster Guardian), BDTC delivered a streamlined grand guignol vision of the war of the roses.

RICHARD changed immensely in rehearsal. Initially, the director had imagined a hard, knife-edge production, emphasising the play's mediaevalism, the different world and values of Shakespeare's England. We had underestimated Richard, however, and as rehearsals progressed and Iain's demented, psychotic version of the role took hold, the play itself changed shape.

The end result was a maniac breakneck reimagining of English history, full of swords, knives, bleach, dildos, strawberries and balloons. RICHARD created BDTC as much as BDTC created RICHARD, and for that we are incredibly grateful.


"This production with a cast of only ten with intelligent doubling and few cuts took on a huge challenge. And one that they rose to with great aplomb and success." - Lancaster Guardian

"Towering above and trampling all over various Queens, nobles, courtiers, clerics and assorted low life was Iain Black's superb, faultless performance as the demented, sadistic and sardonic Richard. He was supported by a strong cast and clear, restrained direction from Paul Sellwood." - Lancaster Guardian

"It is great to see that a locally-based group.. working in association with the Royal Shakespeare's Open Stages Programme and I earnestly hope that this collaboration will be furthered by this excellent production." - Lancaster Guardian


Iain Black - Richard

Rob Cattell - Clarence / Bishop of Ely

Ruth Gregson - Duchess of York / Catesby

Rachael Hunt - York / Rivers

Sammi Searle - Elizabeth

Directed by Paul Sellwood

Ben Bibby - Buckingham / Brakenbury

Jamie McGowan - Hastings / Richmond

Pete Holmes - Tyrell / Edward IV

Hannah Mook - Derby / Prince Edward

Char Seward - Anne

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