Finding the right man is hard.

You need to be quiet, timid, submissive, charming – but when you’re quicker & smarter than the lot of them, that’s hard work…

Finding the right woman?

Hard too. Especially when you’ve got a big mouth, an ego like an ocean liner & an overdraft to match. ..


Shakespeare’s misfit love story.

As part of the Lancaster Season of Shakespeare, BDTC. in association with Lancaster University presents Shakespeare’s comedy of love, greed & bad manners in a pocket size, lightning fast production for small spaces.
Bianca/Servant - Sarah Eve

Petruchio - Helen Katamba

Tranio/Widow/Servant - Sammi Searle

Lucentio/Servant - Alex Varey
Katherine - Ruth Gregson

Gremio/Biondello/Vincentio/Servant - Steve Longstaffe

Hortensio/Servant - Paul Sellwood

Directed by David Findlay

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