What on earth do you do if you’re shipwrecked in a strange country at Christmastime?

 Easy. Dress up as your brother (who may or may not be dead) and seduce a noblewoman mourning HER dead brother all while trying to get the Duke (who’s in love with her) to fall in love with you. Try not to get beaten up by drunken aristocrats, though.

No problem.


Twelfth Night is Shakespeare’s Christmas play and Bingo Dragon’s anniversary production. We’ve been doing White Knuckle Shakespeare in Lancaster for a full year now, getting bigger & better each time and Twelfth Night is our biggest, noisiest production yet.

Join BDTC. for a rip-snorting family Christmas extravaganza, stuffed with carols, wine and cross-dressing. The perfect way to spend a dark and icy winter’s night on the very threshold of Christmas – with mulled wine, roast chestnuts, and Shakespeare’s most anarchic comedy.

Twelfth Night

a Shakespearean Christmas.

"A masterly performance that was uproariously comic, sometimes laden with pathos, and above all, filthy." - Morecambe Visitor

"This fine, festive evening showed that Bingo Dragon is a first-rate purveyor of Shakespeare, appealing to academics, students, unemployed, young and old." - Morecambe Visitor

The Company
Orsino - Ben Bibby
Curio/Fabian - Kevin Foster
Sea-Captain/Officer - Ruth Gregson
Sir Andrew - Ross McCaffrey
Viola - Anna Rowland
Feste - Alex Varey
Directed by Paul Sellwood

Antonio - Aliki Chapple
Malvolio/Friar - David Findlay
Sebastian - Dewey Lord
Maria - Vic McGlynn
Olivia - Sammi Searle
Sir Toby - Luke Weeks

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